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Thai Jurong Engineering Limited (TJEL) was incorporated in December 1988. The company’s core business is to provide engineering and construction services in the power generation sector. It also undertakes plant erection for industrial plant and infrastructure projects.

Thai Jurong Engineering Ltd. has successfully completed many power plant, steel mill, dam gate, and passenger loading bridges projects. The scope of TJEL’s services include installation of gas turbine, boilers, heat recovery steam generator, steam turbine, substation, auxiliary equipment, steel mill, dam gates, tanks, piping, electrical & instrumentation work, insulation & painting, civil & building works, assistance in commissioning and maintenance services. While most of the projects are located in Thailand, TJEL also export its services overseas to countries including Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Japan and Vietnam. With its vast experience, TJEL is one of the most experienced contractor for power plant projects in Thailand. Human resources is a key asset of TJEL. Instead of relying on subcontractors to provide manpower, TJEL employs directly-hired staff and workers to execute its projects. TJEL’s team of dedicated technical and administrative staff, technicians and skilled workers are pivotal to the growth of the company. During the peak periods, TJEL has a work force of close to 1,800 workers.

TJEL is also continuously upgrading its project management knowledge. The company employs up-to-date information technology in project scheduling, budgetary control and material control to monitor its project. It has adopted quality assurance methodology to ensure the quality of its services and products conform to international standards. The company has strived to maintain a high safety standard at all work sites and has always attached great emphasis on safe work practices.

TJEL believes that its success is closely knitted to its clients satisfaction of its performance. All the projects undertaken by TJEL have been completed within the time frame of the construction schedule whilst conforming to the most stringent quality requirement. TJEL endeavors to make timely completion, quality guarantee and customer satisfaction as set targets of the company.

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