Power Plant

TJEL has participated in more than 70 power plant projects over the years, The types of power plants constructed included: 

  • Gas-Fired 
  • Thermal (including Ultra-supercritical Boiler) 
  • Combined Cycle 
  • Cogeneration 
  • Gas Engine 
  • Waste-to-Energy 

Oil & Refinery / Petrochemical & Other Industrial

TJEL has completed more than 10 industrial facilities projects throughout Thailand. The types of plants constructed included:

  • Petrol Chemical
  • Oil & Refinery
  • Incineration Plant
  • Dam Gate
  • Polyester Plant

Passenger Loading Bridge

TJEL has completed more than 250units Passenger Loading Bridge and also send to oversee country Airports other than Suvarnabhumi such as Osaka, Osaka, Narita, Bandaranaike, Mumbai and more.

Fabrication Works

TJEL’s fabrication workshop was first established in 2003 and started with passenger loading bridge fabrication projects. TJEL has since expanded its fabrication operation and relocated to Ban Bung in 2007. In recent years, we have upgraded our fabrication technology to provide more efficient solutions for our

  • Piping & Pipe Support
  • Steel Structure
  • Walkway, Platform & Stairs
  • Gas Turbine Air Inlet Filter House
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